Fall fundraising ideas for Buena Vista Elementary:

´╗┐Hello: Your school did really well with us in Fall 2022 with the holiday gift catalog and cookie dough combo sale. You will raise even more money if you start the sale earlier next year, end of August to mid-September.  Look over the info on this link then, let's schedule a Zoom planning meeting which is essential to executing a great plan for your fundraiser. The fall videos, prize flyers are not quite ready yet.  The prizes will be finalized in June but the prizes shown will be somewhat similar to the choices for this fall.  

For your Fun Run

Student Holiday Shop

 Fall 2023kick off video

Below - email you receive to logon to your dashboard´╗┐

Sample Teacher email  to kick off fundraiser

Sample Parent Email to send on day of fundraiser

Shoppable E-Catalog